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IRIA National Fetal Radiology Conference 2018 – Kochi
Last updated:Jun 6 2018

Dear Members,

Members are cordially invited to the IRIA National Fetal Radiology Conference 2018 to be held on 22-23 September, 2018 at Kochi.

Fetal Radiology -When Life Waves at Health

We are there when life first flickers
We are there, watching over you, if life falters
We are there with you, every single step of the way,
We are the Fetal Radiologists

Fetal Radiologists are uniquely placed, using several modalities, to identify the different stages of development in a fetus. We combine technical competence with a deep understanding of the different stages of anatomical and structural development of the growing fetus in sync with functional status of the mother. We combine an understanding of medical physics with skills in imaging exploring each facet of the growing fetus, recognising patterns that differentiate between normal, normal variations and abnormalities. Fetal Radiologists perform most of the fetal studies in pregnancy in India. Translating that into numbers, we do a large number of fetal studies on diverse women with diverse conditions. It is time for us to join hands to collectively use our expertise, develop India specific databases, and understand the data to develop protocols that can improve care for our population. It is time for us to share our experience with others through high quality research publications. Fetal Radiology in India can reach for the stars, it is time to stop settling for the sofa in the garage. Time for us to take back our position as the first and premier custodians of health of a society. After all, we are there when life first flickers, or falters, or needs support.

Fetal Radiology in India is now ready to leap for greater heights, collaborating for research and clinical diagnostic care, to improve care from life inside to life in the world outside. Similar to what we do, it is time for us to strengthen ourselves as a group internally, carrying everyone together and share our experiences with the world outside.

You are requested to kindly mark you calendar and attend this conference.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Mohanan K
President, IRIA

Dr. Jayaraj Govindaraj
Chairman, ICRI

Dr. T.B.S. Buxi
National Coordinator for Resident Education

Dr. C. Amarnath
Secretary General, IRIA

Dr. V.N. Varaprasad
Secretary, ICRI

Dr. Rijo Mathew
In-charge for CMEs on Fetal Radiology
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